Dr. Andrew Wheatley’s Visit to ICENS

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Dr. Andrew Wheatley’s Visit to ICENS

On June 23, 2017, the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS) welcomed the Minister of Science Energy and Technology, Dr. the Hon. Andrew Wheatley. The Minister and the Board of Directors of ICENS were greeted by the Director General, Mr. Charles Grant, and were given a full tour of the facility in which several presentations were made about the core functions of the Centre and past and ongoing projects.

Mr. Haile Dennis and Mr. Johann Antoine (as seen in lab coats below) were among those who gave a brief presentation to Dr. Wheatley. The Minister appeared very enthused as he and the team discussed the state of art analytical techniques currently employed. Dr. Wheatley, having received his PhD from the UWI faculty of Natural Sciences, had an in-depth discussion with the team.

He was also shown a recent peer reviewed publication on marijuana which sparked curiosity and probing questions. The authors happily obliged and the conclusions were further discussed with him. 

The Minister also met with the Reactor Group and discussed the recent Core conversion from weapons grade uranium to Low enriched uranium which was a joint effort of MSET (spearheaded by the HM Wheatley and PS Alexander), the UWI (Principal McDonald) and the ICENS conversion team.

The Honorable Minister ended his 2 hour visit to ICENS with an address to the Board where he encouraged the team to continue to build on the success of the previous 33 years of research that has been focused on the sustainable socio economic development of Jamaica and its people.


visit_pic1.png visit_pic1.png

Forefront Minister Wheatley (right) and Director General Grant (Left)

From left to right: Trevor Forrest (Senior Adviser to HM Wheatly), Leonard Francis (Board member), Helen Asemota (Chairman), Summer intern, Johann Antoine, Minister Wheatley, Haile Dennis.



visit_pic1.png visit_pic1.png visit_pic1.png

From left to right: Johann Antoine, Jhnelle Williams, Minister Wheatley, Helen Asemota (Chairman), Charles Grant, Ishen Kahwah

Minister been shown full scale core mock up: From left to right: Johann Antoine, John Preston, Helen Asemota (Chairman), Minister Wheatley, Lorenzo Doherty and Haile Dennis Minister Wheatley discusses the way forward with the ICENS Board Members and Researchers. From Left to right: Lorenzo Doherty, Minister Wheatley, Johann Antoine, Haile Dennis, Tamara Grant, John Preston, Mitko Voutchkov, Charles Grant, Max Wellington, Trevor Forrest, Christopher Malcolm and Leonard Francis





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