Max Wellington

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Max Wellington


Professor Max Wellington currently serves as a Professor of Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) where he teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses and supervises research of students in the MSc and Ph.D. Biology programs. He has chaired several departmental committees at NCU inclusive of the Research & Graduate Research and the Program Evaluation & Ranking committees and has served as a member of the Research Advisory and Curriculum committees of the university. His qualifications include: BSc (Hons) - Biochemistry & Chemistry, MPhil (Biotechnology) and PhD in Industrial/Analytical Chemistry. He also holds Diplomas in Education, Business Administration & Marketing.

Dr. Wellington, a former Development Chemist at Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART), Technical Representative, 3M Corporation and Adjunct Lecturer at the All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Center for Nuclear and Environmental Sciences (ICENS) as well as the editorial board of the Caribbean Journal of Natural & Applied Sciences (CJNAS). He is a member of several professional bodies including the Society for Scientific Advancement (SOSA), The Mineral Metals and Materials Society and the American Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and has published papers in several noted scientific journals as well as authored a book entitled the God of DNA. His research interests include plant and food biochemistry /biotechnology, enzymology, bauxite/alumina process control and optimization, and science education.

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