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Coordinated Research Project (CRP): Options and Technologies for Managing the Back End of the Research Reactor Nuclear Fuel Cycle (T33001)

Development of a Spent Fuel Management for the Jamaican SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor LEU Fuel

crp_participant.pngThe Jamaican SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor (JM-1) is a 20 kW tank-in-pool type reactor designed by the Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) and was commissioned in 1984 with highly enriched uranium (HEU) fuel. In 2015, the HEU fuel was removed from the reactor, shipped back to the U.S. and replaced with a low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel core. The reactor is expected to operate with this LEU core for another 30 years. ICENS participated in a coordinated research project (CRP) organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which was aimed at assisting Member States to devise management strategies for research reactor fuels after their useful life. The main objective of ICENS’ participation in the CRP was to develop the spent fuel management plan for the JM-1 research reactor fuel taking into consideration both economic and non-economic factors. This spent fuel plan will be incorporated into the reactor decommissioning plan.

Participants at the 2nd Research Coordination Meeting, Oslo, Norway – August 2016.

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