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The three main laboratory sections of ICENS collaborate in multidisciplinary work on the following topics, taking part in the successive stages of field sampling, sample preparation, laboratory analysis, data handling and interpretation and dissemination of information online or as hardcopy publications.

Topics include:

ICENS Geochemical Knowledge Saves and Expensive Construction Project

In 2008 the Government of Jamaica and Royal Caribbean International (RCI) met in Kingston to agree terms of a US$224 million contract to develop the Falmouth Pier so that it could accommodate the world's largest cruise ship.  Under the contract, the government would invest US$122 million to dredge the harbour and construct the pier while RCI would develop the land-based facilities, including shops and attractions. 

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Trace Metals in Jamaican Soils: Their Relevance to Human and Ecosystem Health

The accumulation of trace metals in the surface of cultivated soils is an important issue that must be considered with respect to the potential risks associated with human and ecosystem health. Knowledge of the total content of trace metals however does not imply comprehensive knowledge of their chemical behaviour; rather, it is chemical speciation of trace metals that influences their chemical reactivity, mobility, bio-availability and toxicity in the environment. 

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Helping to Assure Food Safety and Security Implications of Rice in Jamaica

Rice is a widely consumed staple in Jamaica with plain rice and 'rice and peas' ranking in the top ten most commonly consumed starch-bearing foods in Jamaica. For the last 30 years however, large-scale cultivation of rice has been discontinued and the market is supplied entirely by imports. 

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Mitigating Lead Poisoning in Rural Communities

In this programme ICENS investigated the effects of lead exposure on foods and people between 1995 and 2005.  The work was carried out in three successive projects, each one supported by a research grant from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ). 

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Geochemical Atlas of Jamaica (1995)

This first Geochemical Atlas of Jamaica reports on the initial stages of the examination of the geochemistry of 165 samples of Jamaican soils collected over the onshore area of 10 991 km2.

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