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Dosimetry Service is currently offered to all users of ionizing radiation within the region for whole-body and extremity dose quantification. Our customers are from the medical, bauxite, processing and construction industries.

Radiation surveys can be requested to assess doses in and around radiation devices and sources. The surveys can be also applied to the verification of public and controlled areas.

Users of ionizing radiation are required to maintain an inventory of radioactive sources and radiation generators. ICENS can help with the development of inventories to meet the required standard or assist with the verification of existing inventories

All radioactive sources require routine leak testing for verification of source housing integrity. We utilize special radiation equipment to, detect, quantify and identify radioactive contaminants from leaking sources

Surfaces may become contaminated for some applications of source usage. We are equipped to detect, quantify and identify radioactive contaminant on surfaces and in the environment.

Safety analysis of varying scopes are required under the nuclear safety and Radiation Protection Act and in accordance with guidance from the IAEA. ICENS has developed a methodology for conducting these assessments and developing Safety analysis reports based on the graded approach.

The transportation of radioactive materials requires documented details of the safety and security measures to be implemented. The assessment of risks a mitigation strategies are required along with details of specific requirements related to the safety and security of sources in their most vulnerable state. ICENS is equipped in developing plans and policies based on the graded approach

Security and safety measures are required to ensure the continued control of sources and generators while in use or storage. ICENS offers assessment of these needs based on the risk and the provision of services to document and implement safety and security plans and policies

All users of Ionizing Radiation are required to develop Radiation protection plans. The plans should be risk appropriate and should guide the operation of the facility utilizing the radiation source. ICENS offers the assessment services, documentation and implementation services for RPPs.

In order to ensure the suitability of human resources, training plans should be developed. A comprehensive training program should consider all aspects of operations and emergencies and ensure that relevant staff are trained to fulfil roles under these conditions. ICENS provides services to assess training needs and develop training programs in areas of safety and security of operations including emergency situations

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